The Weekend Edition

by The Lazy Poet

The Joyful Art of a Luscious Breakfast

Dazzling Jazz Documentaries

Tropical Traveling

Tuning our Souls to 2021

Looking back on 2020

The Glistening Season

What to Watch: Queen’s Gambit

Amangiri: The Rugged Beauty of A Desert Landscape

Lazy Poet Sunday Rituals

What to watch: Slim Aaron’s Work

The Joy of Arranging Flowers

A Short History of Pajama Wearing

A Collection of Soul-Feeding Books for Summer

Kelly Wearstler’s Luscious Interiors

About Japan

Namibia….The traveling poet

Grab a coffee, grab a poem…


Vanessa Rosales


Writer and cultural critic.

She has specialized in the history of women and the history and theory of fashion from a feminist perspective.

She has a podcast, called Mujer Vestida and is a published author. Her second book will be out in 2021. She is a columnist at El Espectador. 

And she has also written for The Business of Fashion, CNN Style, Vestoj: The Journal of Sartorial Matters, BBC Mundo, Vogue Latin America, The Daily Beast, Americas Quarterly and many Colombian publications.

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