COTTON These materials come from plants that can be replaced, raised and regrown over time. Natural fabrics are biodegradable and decompose harmlessly once they have reached the end of their useful life or can be readily recycled and reused. We are committed to protect our planet... AND LINEN Digital Print
The number one environmental risk factor in textiles is water contamination, the amount of water currently used, wasted, and polluted is shocking. Digital printing decreases the environmental impact with a 100% waterless process used in every single printing system we manufacture. Protecting the environment is not just a trend; it is part of our global strategy since day one when we started this dream. Through constant innovation, adjustments and dedication, we aim to do all we can to be environmentally friendly. Our Prints
All of our prints are design based on inspirational themes and moods for the brand. We have them commissioned to young Colombian artists or we buy them from design studios around the world.

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