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Why I love Japan…. Japan is fascinating, mysterious and unique like no other country in the world. An ancient culture rich in traditions and yet it is number one in advanced technology. From over 1000 years old temples to the latest robots, here are some of the things that make Japan so famous:

– Mount Fuji and cherry blossoms

– Calligraphy

– Tea ceremonies

– Flower arrangements

– Geishas

– Martial arts and Samurais

– Onsen (hot springs)

– Sushi (will never be the same elsewhere in the world after having it in Japan)

– Karaoke

– Manga and anime

– Ancient gardens

– Minimal design and Japanese Aesthetics ( think ‘Wabi’ and ‘Sabi’ )

But to me there is more. It’s not only the beautiful sights. It is the people. The culture. Ganbatte! Is a Japanese phrase that literally means “Do your best” and this is exactly what the Japanese people do: They are hard working and disciplined, obsessed with punctuality, meticulous and clean. They are polite, friendly and courteous. And in everything they do they show a deep and spiritual respect for nature and for others. “They eat well, walk often and meditate. They take pleasure in the simple things and don’t waste anything: trash, time or money” *. Talk about lessons to learn from the Japanese!

* 7 things Americans can learn form the Japanese by Jessica Kane for the Huffington Post




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